DISE Level 1 Presentation Book 3 (Digital)


Direct Instruction: Spoken English (DISE) benefits English language learners in grades 4-12 and builds a functional mastery of English in one year or less.


Digital Direct Instruction Spoken English (DDISE)

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Direct Instruction: Spoken English Builds a Foundational Mastery of the English Language

What is Direct Instruction: Spoken English?

Direct Instruction: Spoken English (DISE) provides an explicit, systematic instructional model to help English language learners acquire a functional mastery of spoken English. From instruction to content, DISE moves students to oral language proficiency.

Motivating for Every Student

DISE provides user-friendly, streamlined components. Because the entire program is based on oral instruction and speaking activities, students are motivated and actively engage in oral learning and practice every day.

  • Motivates students with fast pace and content that ensures every student participates
  • Includes easy-to-read directions and symbols
  • Provides immediate, corrective feedback and scaffolding support
  • Clearly identifies what teachers and students say and do

Builds a Functional Mastery of English in One Year or Less by:

  • Differentiating from the start with appropriate placement
  • Accelerating English language development
  • Preparing English language learners to thrive in content-area classes
  • Taking advantage of students’ native-language literacy skills
  • Teaching academic and social vocabulary
  • Engaging students with fast-paced, multi-sensory activities
  • Providing progress-monitoring assessment

Benefits English Language Learners in Grades 4-12

Developed by Siegfried (Zig) Engelmann, one of the key founders of the direct instruction model, DISE addresses the structure of the English language directly and never confuses students with random or inert words and phrases.

Build a functional mastery of English in one year or less

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