Digital Edition

Digital Direct Instruction Spoken English (DDISE) Now Available!
• Portable–use on your tablet or laptop
• Ready for immediate use
• Save on shipping

NOTE: You cannot print, screenshot, or share Digital Direct Instruction Spoken English (DDISE) PDFs. Adobe Acrobat or the FileOpen app and an internet connection are required to access DDISE. These documents are protected using FileOpen, a web-based Digital Rights Management system. Your purchase is non-refundable after 30 days. Your license to use DDISE is valid for one (1) device and will expire three (3) years from the date of registration and may be renewed at 50% of the then-current price.

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Digital Direct Instruction Spoken English is now available!

The digital version has the same content as the print version but has the advantage of being easily accessed on a laptop or other device. Priced lower than the print edition, DDISE is ready to use immediately! Also, users will not incur shipping charges or have to wait for delivery.

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