Educational Achievement Publishing (EAP) was founded in 2021 by Dr. Kurt E. Engelmann, President of the National Institute for Direct Instruction (NIFDI), in Eugene, OR, USA.

EAP was founded to provide teachers and school leaders with the highest quality, most effective instructional materials for all students who meet the entrance criteria for the programs. As the President of NIFDI, Dr. Engelmann observed the very positive accomplishments of students in the Direct Instruction Spoken English (DISE) program in several schools, and he wanted to make sure there was a publishing company that could reliably provide the DISE print program to teachers and school leaders who strive for their English Language Learners to succeed in school. 

DISE is the initial program offering for EAP. In the future, other programs may be added to the EAP offerings, and they will also have the same sophisticated and effective Direct Instruction (DI) design. Customers can be confident that all materials EAP offers meet the highest quality DI standards, which include revising the materials based on field tryouts to make sure they work with all students who place into the programs. 

About Direct Instruction
Direct Instruction is at the same time a teaching methodology, a theory of instruction, and a highly effective, comprehensive school reform model. The effectiveness of the Direct Instruction approach has been validated by hundreds of studies over more than 50 years of research with a variety of students in a wide range of settings on different topics and subject areas. You can access a database of over 200 research articles on DI. As stated in the comprehensive bibliography provided on NIFDI’s website: 

“The efficacy studies provide extensive evidence that the programs are effective and support the assertion that all children can learn if provided with appropriate instruction.” 

The DI Model was one of two comprehensive school reform models determined to have evidence of strong effectiveness in An Educators’ Guide to Schoolwide Reform (Herman, R., Aladjem, D., McMahon, P., Masem, E., Mulligan, I., O’Malley, A. S., Quinones, S., Reeve, A., & Woodruff, D. (1999). Arlington, VA: Educational Research Service).

Direct Instruction differs from other types of explicit instruction or systematic teaching through the incremental step design of the programs, the careful presentation and review of each instructional element, and the extensive field testing that each of the programs undergoes. Dozens of DI programs have been published through McGraw Hill Education with Dr. Siegfried “Zig” Engelmann as the primary author. All DI programs meet the requirements outlined in the book Rubric for Identifying Authentic Direct Instruction Programs. With all of the Direct Instruction programs, students will be highly successful if they are:

  • placed in the programs that match their current skill repertoires,
  • taught to mastery on every exercise in each lesson every day, and
  • receive daily instruction for the recommended amount of time indicated by the program guidelines.

For this success to occur, teachers must be trained in the Direct Instruction methodology, and school leaders should be trained in setting up the DI implementation for success, coaching and problem-solving.  

About Training and Support
In order for your students to be successful with the Direct Instruction methodology, it is important that you receive high quality training and support from Direct Instruction experts. EAP does not supply any training or support itself. Instead, you are strongly encouraged to contact the National Institute for Direct Instruction (NIFDI) to acquire the proper training and support to become proficient in the DI methodology so all your students can excel. NIFDI is a non-profit organization founded in 1997 by Siegfried “Zig” Engelmann, the creator of Direct Instruction, to assist schools to ensure that all students in a school can benefit as much as possible from the DI approach.

NIFDI provides a wide range of training sessions for teachers, coaches and other school leaders in DI.  These training sessions constitute an essential first step in the successful implementation of DI.  For the instructional staff, NIFDI provides intensive, multi-day program training in critical delivery and correction skills. For coaches, NIFDI provides a multi-day training in conducting observations, taking data on instruction, problem-solving, prioritizing problems, and constructing remedies that provide for all students to get the most out of the DI approach. For school leaders, NIFDI provides a multi-day institute on setting up the DI implementation for success, coaching and problem-solving.  

NIFDI can provide in-person as well as remote training and support, with the in-person option being the most effective for teachers, coaches, and leaders to acquire essential DI skills.  NIFDI has standard training and support modules, and packages for both elementary and middle schools. Services can be customized and can include an assessment on the effectiveness of DI at schools that have been implementing programs for a while. 

NIFDI’s overarching goal is to replicate the high levels of achievement that students have attained when the Direct Instruction model is implemented with full fidelity. For more information about NIFDI and what it provides, go to