The mission of Educational Achievement Publishing (EAP) is to provide the highest quality, most effective instructional programs for students and teachers. All programs published by EAP use Direct Instruction (DI). Using the Direct Instruction methodology is the surest way to ensure that all students, especially at-risk students, can be successful in school. These programs have been field tested with the student population they are designed for and revised based on the results of field tryouts.

EAP is proud to be the publisher of Direct Instruction Spoken English (DISE)! DISE is a uniquely effective intervention program designed to teach spoken English to non-English speaking students in grades 4-12. Developed by Siegfried (Zig) Engelmann, one of the key founders of the Direct Instruction model, DISE addresses the structure of the English language directly and systemically through highly interactive learning sessions. Lessons are carefully planned with clear exercises designed around small learning increments. Each lesson is taught to mastery through daily oral practice with the whole class. 

DISE comes in two levels.  The first level is for students with virtually no proficiency in English. The second level is for students with limited English proficiency. Each level comes with a placement test to determine the most appropriate starting place for each student. The first level of the program, which comes with four presentation books and a teacher’s guide, includes 100 scripted lessons that are designed to be delivered during 90 minutes of instruction daily. The second level of the program, which comes with four presentation books and a teacher’s guide, includes 80 scripted lessons that are designed to be delivered during 50 minutes of instruction daily. Each presentation manual includes a digital download with visual displays that illustrate the concepts that the DISE lessons are designed to teach. Download the placement tests for free.

Training and Support
In order for students to be highly successful with the programs sold by EAP, teachers require training in the Direct Instruction methodology and follow-up support as they deliver the programs to their students. Because of the incremental, step-by-step design of the DI programs, it is important that teachers ensure that every student masters each instructional task before continuing in the lesson. Through training provided by the National Institute for Direct Instruction (NIFDI), teachers learn how to become highly effective in delivering DI. NIFDI provides a variety of training and support packages for schools and districts, as well as open registration events on Direct Instruction, including an annual week-long conference in the summer located in Eugene, Oregon. For more information on NIFDI and its services, go to https://www.nifdi.org

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